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Security Guards Jobs Open In UAE

Urgent Need For Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Vacancy: 100

Age Limit: 21 To 35 Years

Education: FA/BA/Speech English

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Salary: 2770 DHs

A security guard’s job summary typically involves protecting people, property, and assets from potential risks and threats. Here is a general overview of the job responsibilities and tasks performed by security guards:

  1. Surveillance and Monitoring: Security guards are responsible for monitoring and observing the premises they are assigned to. They keep a watchful eye on people, activities, and security systems such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control systems.
  2. Access Control: Security guards control and manage access to the premises they protect. This includes checking identification, verifying credentials, and ensuring only authorized individuals enter the designated areas.
  3. Patrolling: Guards conduct regular patrols on foot, by vehicle, or using other means to deter criminal activities and detect any suspicious behavior or safety hazards. They may inspect doors, windows, and other entry points to ensure they are secure.
  4. Emergency Response: In case of emergencies, security guards are trained to respond appropriately. They may assess the situation, provide first aid if needed, and promptly report incidents to the relevant authorities.
  5. Crowd Control: Security guards may be responsible for managing crowds and maintaining order during events, public gatherings, or busy periods. They ensure the safety of individuals and prevent any disturbances or unauthorized activities.
  6. Incident Reporting: Guards are required to maintain accurate and detailed records of incidents, accidents, or any unusual occurrences that happen during their shifts. These reports are vital for investigations, documentation, and future reference.
  7. Customer Service: Security guards often interact with visitors, employees, or residents on the premises. They may provide assistance, directions, or answer inquiries, ensuring a positive and helpful presence while maintaining security protocols.
  8. Alarm Response: Security guards are trained to respond to alarms, whether they are triggered by unauthorized access, fire, or other emergencies. They must swiftly investigate the cause and take appropriate action, such as contacting emergency services or initiating evacuation procedures.
  9. Security System Maintenance: Guards may be responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of security equipment, including cameras, alarms, and other surveillance devices. They report any malfunctions or issues and coordinate with technicians to ensure prompt resolution.
  10. Adherence to Policies and Regulations: Security guards must adhere to the established rules, policies, and regulations of the organization they work for. This includes maintaining confidentiality, respecting privacy rights, and following safety protocols.

It’s important to note that the specific job duties and responsibilities of security guards can vary depending on the industry, location, and employer requirements. Some security guards may receive specialized training for specific roles, such as armed security, executive protection, or working in sensitive environments.

How To Apply:

Address: Jabbi Recruiting Agency, House No 659-F, 1st Floor, F-Block, Post Office Road Satellite Town Near Katarain Market Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 0347-4306817/0331-5176211

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