Airport Loader Jobs 2023 In Dubai

Urgent Need For Dubai

Vacancy: 50

Duty Time: 9 Hours

Age Limit: 21 To 38 Years

Education: Matric/FA

Salary: 1080 DHs

Job Summary: Airport Loader

An airport loader plays a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of an airport by handling the loading and unloading of cargo, baggage, and other materials onto aircraft. As an airport loader, you will be responsible for ensuring that all items are properly secured and transported to the appropriate destinations within the airport.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  1. Loading and Unloading: You will load and unload baggage, cargo, and other materials onto and from aircraft using various equipment, such as conveyor belts, baggage carts, and forklifts. This includes handling heavy items and ensuring that they are properly secured and balanced.
  2. Sorting and Distribution: You will sort and organize baggage and cargo according to their destinations, ensuring that each item is properly labeled and placed in the correct location for further transportation or storage.
  3. Safety and Security: You will adhere to strict safety and security protocols while handling baggage and cargo to ensure the protection of passengers, personnel, and the aircraft. This may involve conducting security checks, following hazardous materials handling guidelines, and reporting any suspicious or irregular items.
  4. Documentation: You will maintain accurate records of the loaded and unloaded items, including the weight, quantity, and destination information. This documentation is important for tracking purposes, ensuring proper inventory management, and complying with regulatory requirements.
  5. Equipment Maintenance: You will be responsible for inspecting and maintaining the equipment used for loading and unloading, such as conveyor belts, baggage carts, and forklifts. Reporting any malfunctions or issues promptly is essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.
  6. Communication: You will collaborate with other airport personnel, including ground crew, supervisors, and airline staff, to coordinate the loading and unloading activities effectively. Good communication skills are important for receiving instructions, providing updates, and addressing any issues or concerns that may arise during the process.

To excel in this role, you should possess physical strength and stamina to handle heavy items, as well as good hand-eye coordination. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure accurate sorting and proper handling of baggage and cargo. You must also be able to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing priorities and schedules.

As an airport loader, you will be required to work in various weather conditions and follow strict safety guidelines to maintain a safe work environment. Additionally, you should be able to work effectively as part of a team while also being capable of working independently and taking initiative when necessary.

In summary, an airport loader plays a vital role in the efficient handling and transportation of baggage, cargo, and materials within an airport. If you enjoy working in a dynamic environment, have physical agility, and value attention to detail, this role could be a rewarding career choice in the aviation industry.

How To Apply:

Address: Office No(1) PK Techni Test And Training Center, (1) B-26 Near Al Haq Honda Center, National Market, Satellite Town Rawalpindi.

Office No: (2) Office No 6, 2cnd Floor, Umer Farooq Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 0321-5056315/0318-0551040/051-8442754

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