Safety Officer Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Urgent Need For Saudi Arabia

Age Limit: 21 To 35 Years

Education: Matric/FA, Speech English

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Gulf Experience: 2 To 3 Years

Salary: 2300 SD

A Safety Officer, also known as a Health and Safety Officer or Safety Coordinator, is responsible for promoting and maintaining safe working conditions within an organization. Their main objective is to prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational hazards by implementing and enforcing safety policies and procedures.

The job summary of a Safety Officer typically includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Developing and implementing safety policies: Safety Officers are responsible for creating and updating safety policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. They assess risks and hazards in the workplace and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  2. Conducting safety inspections: Safety Officers regularly inspect the workplace to identify potential hazards, such as unsafe equipment, faulty machinery, or hazardous materials. They evaluate the effectiveness of safety measures and recommend improvements or corrective actions.
  3. Training and educating employees: They provide safety training sessions and workshops to employees, educating them on safe work practices, emergency procedures, and the proper use of safety equipment. They may also organize drills and simulations to test emergency preparedness.
  4. Investigating incidents and accidents: When accidents or incidents occur, Safety Officers investigate the causes and gather relevant information. They analyze the data to identify trends, root causes, and areas for improvement. They also prepare and maintain incident reports.
  5. Ensuring compliance: Safety Officers ensure that the organization complies with all relevant safety regulations, standards, and codes. They keep abreast of changes in legislation and industry best practices and update safety policies and procedures accordingly.
  6. Promoting a safety culture: They work to foster a culture of safety within the organization by promoting awareness, accountability, and employee involvement. They encourage employees to report safety concerns and provide suggestions for improving safety practices.
  7. Monitoring and evaluating safety programs: Safety Officers conduct regular audits and evaluations of safety programs to measure their effectiveness. They collect and analyze data related to safety performance, identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies to enhance safety initiatives.
  8. Collaborating with stakeholders: They collaborate with management, supervisors, and employees to address safety concerns, develop safety strategies, and implement changes. They may also liaise with external agencies, such as regulatory bodies or inspectors, regarding safety compliance matters.

Overall, the Safety Officer plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of employees and maintaining a safe working environment. They are proactive in identifying potential hazards, implementing preventive measures, and promoting a safety-conscious culture throughout the organization.

How To Apply:

Address: Bia Tech International, Flat No. 12, United Plaza, First Floor, Shamsabad, Murree Road Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 051-4854229/0305-5558422.

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