Taxi Driver Jobs In UAE

Salery: 1500Dhs

vacancy: 100

A taxi driver is a professional driver who operates a taxi or a ridesharing service vehicle to transport passengers from one location to another. Their primary responsibility is to safely and efficiently drive passengers to their desired destinations while providing excellent customer service. The job summary for a taxi driver typically includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Passenger Transportation: A taxi driver’s main duty is to transport passengers to their requested destinations. They pick up passengers from designated locations, such as taxi stands or through ride-hailing apps, and ensure a safe and comfortable journey. They navigate through city streets, follow traffic regulations, and choose the most efficient routes to reach the destination.
  2. Customer Service: Taxi drivers interact directly with passengers and must provide friendly and professional customer service. They greet passengers, assist with loading and unloading luggage or belongings, and create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. They may engage in conversation with passengers, answer questions, and provide information about local attractions or services.
  3. Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety of passengers is a top priority for taxi drivers. They maintain a clean and well-maintained vehicle, regularly checking for mechanical issues and addressing any concerns promptly. They drive defensively, obey traffic laws, and follow safety protocols. Taxi drivers also assist passengers in entering and exiting the vehicle safely, especially those with mobility challenges.
  4. Navigation and Route Planning: Taxi drivers should have a good knowledge of the local area, including streets, landmarks, and traffic patterns. They utilize navigation tools, such as GPS devices or smartphone apps, to find the most efficient routes and avoid traffic congestion. They stay updated on road conditions, construction zones, and other factors that may impact travel time.
  5. Payment Handling and Records: Taxi drivers collect fares from passengers and handle cash or electronic payments. They provide passengers with accurate receipts and maintain proper records of transactions for accounting and reporting purposes. They may also track mileage and fuel consumption for tax or business expense purposes.
  6. Vehicle Maintenance: Taxi drivers are responsible for the regular maintenance and cleanliness of their vehicles. They perform routine checks, such as inspecting tires, brakes, lights, and fluid levels, to ensure the vehicle is in good working condition. They schedule and complete necessary repairs or maintenance tasks promptly to avoid any disruptions in service.
  7. Knowledge of Regulations: Taxi drivers must be familiar with local regulations and licensing requirements related to the operation of taxis or ridesharing services. They obtain the necessary permits and licenses to legally operate as a taxi driver. They stay informed about any updates or changes in regulations that may affect their job responsibilities.
  8. Time Management: Taxi drivers manage their time effectively to provide prompt and reliable service to passengers. They consider factors such as traffic conditions, weather, and passenger requests to optimize their routes and arrival times. They maintain a balance between efficient service and adherence to safety regulations.

Overall, a taxi driver plays a crucial role in providing transportation services to passengers, ensuring their comfort, safety, and satisfaction. They serve as representatives of the taxi or ridesharing company and contribute to the overall transportation system of the area. Taxi drivers rely on their driving skills, knowledge of the local area, and excellent customer service to create a positive experience for passengers.

How To Apply:

Address: Supper Star Technical Trade test and Training Center House No DK66 pir Hamayun Caluny Ghosia chowk Near Bilal Masjid shamsabad Rawalpindi

Contact No: 0300-4899471/0310-5190573/0348-5785026

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