Security Guard Jobs In Qatar

Urgent Need For Qatar

Vacancy: 50

Duty: 28 Days

Agreement: 2 Years

Hight: 5Ft 7″

Education: Matric/BA/FA/Speech English

Age Limit: 20 To 35 Years

Salary: 1300 QR

A security guard’s job summary typically involves protecting people, property, and assets from potential threats, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Here’s a comprehensive summary of a security guard’s job responsibilities:

  1. Surveillance: Security guards are responsible for maintaining a constant watch over designated areas using various surveillance techniques such as monitoring CCTV cameras, patrolling premises, and keeping an eye out for suspicious activities or individuals.
  2. Access Control: Guards control access to buildings, facilities, or events by verifying credentials, checking identification, and ensuring only authorized personnel or visitors are allowed entry. They may also operate security checkpoints, issue visitor passes, and maintain visitor logs.
  3. Emergency Response: Security guards are trained to respond swiftly and appropriately in emergency situations such as fires, medical incidents, or security breaches. They may provide first aid, alert emergency services, or evacuate people from the premises as necessary.
  4. Incident Reporting: Guards are responsible for accurately documenting incidents, accidents, or unusual occurrences during their shift. This includes writing detailed reports outlining the events, observations, and any actions taken, which may be used for investigations or legal purposes.
  5. Theft Prevention: Guards actively deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized activities by maintaining a visible presence, conducting bag checks, and ensuring compliance with security protocols. They may also operate metal detectors or other specialized equipment to prevent the smuggling of prohibited items.
  6. Crowd Control: In situations involving large gatherings or events, security guards manage crowds, maintain order, and prevent disturbances or conflicts. They may guide people, enforce rules, and address disruptive behavior to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.
  7. Alarm Systems and Equipment: Security guards are trained to operate and monitor alarm systems, surveillance equipment, and other security devices. They conduct routine checks, perform maintenance tasks, and promptly report any malfunctions or issues to the appropriate authorities.
  8. Customer Service: Depending on the setting, security guards often serve as the first point of contact for visitors, employees, or customers. They provide assistance, directions, and information, maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor while ensuring security protocols are followed.
  9. Knowledge of Regulations: Guards must have a comprehensive understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and security procedures. This includes knowing how to handle potentially dangerous substances, adhering to privacy guidelines, and maintaining confidentiality when required.
  10. Cooperation with Authorities: Security guards work closely with law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and other security personnel. They may assist police officers in investigations, provide testimony or evidence when necessary, and collaborate with other teams during security operations or drills.

Please note that specific job responsibilities may vary depending on the organization, industry, or location where the security guard is employed.

How To Apply:

Address: Zafran Recruiting Agency, Office No 7-B 1st Floor, Kashmir Gate Plaza, Opposite Be Nazir Hospital, Murree Road Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 0336-9080040/0303-5271398/0310-5944212/051-4906691

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