Plumber Jobs In Dubai

Urgent Need For Dubai

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Education: Matric/FA

Age Limit: 21 To 38 Years

Salary: 1400 DHs

A plumber is a skilled tradesperson responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems. They work with various types of pipes, fixtures, and appliances that are used to distribute water, gas, and sewage throughout residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The job summary of a plumber typically includes the following:

  1. Installation: Plumbers install new plumbing systems in buildings during construction or renovation projects. This involves reading blueprints, determining the layout of pipes, and connecting pipes, fixtures, and appliances.
  2. Repair and Maintenance: Plumbers diagnose and repair plumbing issues such as leaks, clogs, or damaged pipes. They use specialized tools to identify problems and perform necessary repairs. They may also conduct routine maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of plumbing systems.
  3. Pipe Fitting: Plumbers are skilled in cutting, bending, and threading pipes to fit specific locations. They work with different materials, including copper, plastic, and steel, and use various techniques to join pipes together securely.
  4. Fixture Installation: Plumbers install and connect fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and water heaters. They ensure that these fixtures are properly connected to the water supply and drainage systems.
  5. Drainage Systems: Plumbers design and install drainage systems to effectively remove wastewater and sewage from buildings. This includes connecting pipes to the main sewer lines or septic tanks and installing drainage vents to prevent odors and gases from building up.
  6. Compliance with Codes and Regulations: Plumbers must adhere to building codes and regulations to ensure the safety and efficiency of plumbing systems. They stay updated on local plumbing codes and guidelines and make sure their work meets the required standards.
  7. Customer Service: Plumbers often work directly with customers, addressing their plumbing concerns and providing solutions. They should possess good communication and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with clients, understand their needs, and explain repairs or installations.
  8. Problem Solving: Plumbers encounter a variety of plumbing issues and must possess strong problem-solving skills to diagnose problems and find appropriate solutions. They may need to troubleshoot complex systems, identify hidden leaks, or resolve water pressure issues.

Overall, the role of a plumber requires a combination of technical skills, knowledge of plumbing systems, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Plumbers play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality and safety of plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

How To Apply:

Address: High Rise Technical Training Center, Opposite Naseem Plaza, Near Jameh Sayed Na Umar Farooq Masjid, Double Road Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 0333-5405485/0319-4856663/021-34313337

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