Heavy Driver Jobs In Dubai

Urgent Need For Dubai

Vacancy: 100

Agreement: 2 Years

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Age Limit: 22 To 41 Years

Education: Matric/FA

Salary: 1950 DHs

A heavy driver, also known as a heavy vehicle driver or truck driver, is responsible for operating large commercial vehicles to transport goods or passengers over long distances. They typically drive trucks, buses, or other heavy vehicles that require a specialized license. The job summary of a heavy driver typically includes the following:

  1. Vehicle Operation: Heavy drivers operate and control various types of heavy vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, buses, or construction vehicles. They are responsible for safely maneuvering and navigating these vehicles on roads, highways, and sometimes off-road terrain.
  2. Transporting Goods or Passengers: Depending on the type of heavy vehicle, heavy drivers transport goods or passengers to their designated destinations. They ensure that the cargo or passengers are loaded and secured properly to prevent damage or accidents during transit.
  3. Adhering to Traffic Laws and Safety Regulations: Heavy drivers must obey traffic laws, regulations, and safety standards to ensure the safety of themselves, other road users, and the cargo or passengers they are transporting. They must be aware of speed limits, signaling rules, and road signage.
  4. Pre-Trip Inspection: Before starting a trip, heavy drivers perform pre-trip inspections of their vehicles. They check the mechanical condition, tires, brakes, lights, and other essential components to ensure the vehicle is in proper working order. Any issues or maintenance requirements are reported to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Maintenance and Reporting: Heavy drivers are responsible for the general maintenance of their vehicles, such as checking fluid levels, tire pressure, and performing routine inspections. They report any mechanical issues or breakdowns to their supervisors or fleet management.
  6. Route Planning and Navigation: Heavy drivers plan their routes, considering factors such as traffic conditions, weather conditions, and delivery schedules. They may use maps, GPS devices, or other navigation systems to find the most efficient and safe routes.
  7. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Heavy drivers maintain accurate records of their activities, including mileage, fuel consumption, hours of service, and delivery or pick-up documentation. They may be required to complete logbooks or electronic records to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  8. Customer Service: Heavy drivers often interact with customers or clients during deliveries or passenger transportation. They may assist with loading and unloading cargo, provide information or directions, and ensure a positive customer experience.
  9. Safety and Emergency Procedures: Heavy drivers must be knowledgeable about safety procedures and emergency protocols. They should know how to handle emergency situations, such as accidents, breakdowns, or adverse weather conditions, and follow proper protocols for reporting incidents.
  10. Compliance with Regulations: Heavy drivers must comply with transportation regulations, including weight limits, hours-of-service regulations, and licensing requirements. They may undergo periodic medical examinations and maintain a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) specific to the type of heavy vehicle they operate.

Overall, the role of a heavy driver requires excellent driving skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and adherence to safety regulations. They play a vital role in the transportation industry, ensuring the timely and safe delivery of goods or passengers.

How To Apply:

Address: Islamic Manpower Promoters, Office No 4, 1st Floor, Al Falah Askria Plaza, Committee Chowk Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 051-5504727/0311-4358974/0300-9558545

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