General Helper Jobs In UAE

Urgent Need For UAE

Vacancy: 25

Agreement: 2 Years

Age Limit: 21 To 39 Years

Education: Matric/FA/Speech English

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Weight: 60kg To 65kg

Salary: 1100 DHs

A General Helper is a versatile and multi-functional role that involves providing assistance and support in various tasks and activities within a company or organization. The specific responsibilities may vary depending on the industry and company, but generally, a General Helper is responsible for performing a range of duties to ensure smooth operations and help other employees as needed. Here is a summary of the typical job responsibilities and skills associated with a General Helper role:

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assisting with general tasks: Performing a variety of tasks such as cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the work environment.
  2. Supporting administrative functions: Assisting with basic office duties, including filing, data entry, and handling correspondence.
  3. Providing operational support: Assisting with inventory management, stock replenishment, and monitoring supplies.
  4. Assisting with deliveries: Helping with loading and unloading of goods, verifying shipment contents, and ensuring accurate documentation.
  5. Supporting maintenance activities: Assisting with basic repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting of equipment or facilities.
  6. Assisting coworkers: Providing assistance and support to colleagues in their daily tasks and projects.
  7. Following safety protocols: Adhering to safety regulations and guidelines to maintain a secure work environment.
  8. Operating equipment: Handling basic tools and machinery as required for specific tasks.

Job Skills:

  1. Adaptability: Ability to handle various tasks and switch between different responsibilities efficiently.
  2. Physical stamina: Capacity to perform physically demanding tasks and lift heavy objects if required.
  3. Attention to detail: Being meticulous and thorough in performing tasks to maintain accuracy.
  4. Time management: Efficiently managing time and prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines.
  5. Teamwork: Collaborating well with others and being willing to support coworkers when needed.
  6. Communication skills: Good verbal and written communication to interact effectively with colleagues.
  7. Basic technical knowledge: Familiarity with basic tools and equipment relevant to the job.
  8. Problem-solving: Ability to identify issues and find practical solutions independently or with guidance.

Please note that this is a general summary, and the actual job description may vary based on the specific requirements of the company or organization hiring for a General Helper role.

How To Apply:

Address: F-821 Holy Family Road, Near Punjab College For Women, Satellite Town Rawalpindi

Contact No: 0316-5131717/0306-5118407/0321-2444938/051-4841800-01

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