Bus Driver Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Urgent Need For Saudi Arabia

Vacancy: 08

Agreement: 2 Years

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Education: Matric/FA

Age Limit: 21 To 38 Years

Salary: 2500 SD

A bus driver is a professional driver responsible for operating buses to transport passengers along designated routes. They work in various settings, including public transportation systems, school districts, and private companies. The primary duty of a bus driver is to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of passengers to their destinations.

The job of a bus driver typically involves the following tasks:

  1. Operating the bus: Bus drivers drive buses along predetermined routes, following schedules and stopping at designated bus stops or stations. They must adhere to traffic laws, regulations, and safety protocols while maintaining a consistent and timely service.
  2. Assisting passengers: Bus drivers assist passengers in boarding and disembarking the bus safely. They provide information about fares, routes, and schedules and answer passenger inquiries in a courteous and helpful manner. They may also assist passengers with special needs or disabilities.
  3. Collecting fares: Bus drivers collect fares from passengers, issue tickets or receipts, and maintain accurate fare records. They must handle cash transactions responsibly and ensure the proper functioning of fare collection equipment, such as ticket machines or fareboxes.
  4. Ensuring passenger safety: Bus drivers prioritize passenger safety at all times. They enforce rules and regulations on the bus, such as requiring passengers to wear seat belts or adhere to behavior guidelines. They also monitor passenger activity and respond to any disturbances or emergencies that may arise.
  5. Performing pre-trip inspections: Before starting their shift, bus drivers conduct pre-trip inspections to ensure the bus is in good working condition. They check tires, brakes, lights, signals, and other essential components to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.
  6. Reporting incidents and maintenance issues: Bus drivers report any accidents, incidents, or unusual occurrences that happen during their shift. They also report any mechanical issues or maintenance needs to the appropriate authorities or maintenance personnel.
  7. Maintaining records: Bus drivers maintain accurate records of their work, including mileage, fares collected, and passenger counts. They may be responsible for completing logbooks, incident reports, or other administrative tasks related to their driving duties.
  8. Adhering to regulations and policies: Bus drivers must comply with all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures set by their employer, transportation authority, or government agencies. This includes following traffic laws, safety guidelines, and company-specific rules.
  9. Ongoing training and professional development: Bus drivers may participate in ongoing training programs to enhance their driving skills, learn about new regulations or technologies, and stay updated on safety practices. They may also undergo periodic evaluations or assessments to ensure their driving performance meets established standards.

Bus drivers must possess a valid driver’s license with appropriate endorsements for operating commercial vehicles. They need good driving skills, knowledge of traffic laws, and the ability to handle large vehicles safely. Additionally, bus drivers should have excellent communication and customer service skills to interact effectively with passengers and handle various situations professionally.

How To Apply:

Address: Shaheen Trade Test And Technical Training Center,( kotling Chungi Doranabad Mardan kpk)

Contact No: 0306-8543541/0344-8272991/021-35810371

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