Bike Rider Jobs Open In Saudi Arabia

Urgent Need For Saudi Arabia

Vacancy: 300

Agreement: 2 Years

Education: Matric/FA

Age Limit: 21 To 38 Years

Duty Time; 8 Hours

Salary: 1000 SD + Commission

A bike rider, also known as a bicycle courier or delivery rider, is responsible for transporting goods, documents, or food items by bicycle. They work in urban areas, delivering items to residential or commercial locations. The job summary of a bike rider typically includes the following:

  1. Delivery Services: Pick up and deliver goods, documents, or food orders to designated locations within a specific timeframe. Adhere to delivery schedules and ensure prompt and efficient service.
  2. Route Planning: Plan and optimize delivery routes to maximize efficiency and minimize travel time. Familiarize oneself with the area to choose the most appropriate and shortest routes. Use maps, navigation apps, or GPS devices to navigate efficiently.
  3. Safety and Compliance: Adhere to traffic laws and regulations to ensure personal safety, the safety of others, and the security of the items being transported. Follow road signage, signals, and pedestrian right-of-way. Wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and reflective clothing.
  4. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service by maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor when interacting with customers. Handle inquiries, provide assistance, and ensure customer satisfaction. Collect payments, issue receipts, or handle cash transactions if necessary.
  5. Time Management: Manage time effectively to meet delivery deadlines. Prioritize deliveries based on urgency and plan routes accordingly. Notify customers of any delays or changes in delivery times.
  6. Maintenance and Repairs: Perform basic maintenance tasks on bicycles, such as checking tire pressure, lubricating chains, or adjusting brakes. Ensure that bicycles are in good working condition before each delivery. Report any mechanical issues or damage and coordinate with the appropriate personnel for repairs.
  7. Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate records of deliveries, including pickup and drop-off times, recipient names, and any special instructions. Use delivery tracking systems or applications to update delivery statuses.
  8. Load Management: Safely secure items to be delivered on the bicycle, ensuring they are balanced and well-protected. Handle fragile or perishable items with care to prevent damage. Ensure proper handling of confidential documents or sensitive materials.
  9. Environmental Awareness: Promote eco-friendly transportation by using bicycles as a sustainable mode of delivery. Minimize carbon emissions and contribute to reducing traffic congestion in urban areas.
  10. Adaptability and Resilience: Work efficiently in various weather conditions, including rain, heat, or cold. Adapt to changing delivery demands, such as increased volume during peak periods or special events.

A bike rider must possess excellent cycling skills, physical fitness, and the ability to navigate through urban environments effectively. They should be self-motivated, reliable, and able to work independently. By delivering items promptly and professionally, bike riders contribute to the smooth functioning of delivery services and customer satisfaction.

How To Apply:

Address: Green Line Human Trade Test And Technical Training Center, Mardan Swabi Road, Farm Stop, Mardan.

Contact No: 0311-5723427/0313-5723427/051-844262

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