Airport Loader Jobs In UAE

Urgent Need For Dubai (UAE)

Vacancy: 100

Agreement: 2 Years

Duty Time: 8 Hours

Education: Matric/FA. Speech English

Age Limit: 21 To 36 Years

Salary: 1075 DHs

An airport loader, also known as a ramp agent or baggage handler, is responsible for handling various tasks related to the loading and unloading of baggage, cargo, and other items on aircraft at an airport. Here is a summary of the airport loader’s job:

  1. Baggage and Cargo Handling: The primary responsibility of an airport loader is to load and unload baggage, cargo, and other items onto and from aircraft. This involves lifting, carrying, and sorting bags and cargo containers, ensuring they are properly loaded and secured within the aircraft’s cargo hold or designated areas.
  2. Equipment Operation: Airport loaders operate a range of equipment, such as baggage carts, conveyor belts, tugs, and forklifts, to transport baggage and cargo to and from aircraft. They must be trained in the safe operation of this equipment and adhere to established procedures and safety guidelines.
  3. Aircraft Preparation: Airport loaders assist in preparing aircraft for departure by performing tasks such as restocking onboard supplies, cleaning the cabin, and ensuring emergency equipment is in place. They may also assist with the fueling of aircraft or the placement of water and food catering supplies.
  4. Safety and Security: Airport loaders play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security standards at the airport. They must comply with safety protocols, such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and following proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries. They also need to adhere to security regulations and report any suspicious or unauthorized activities to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Documentation and Communication: Airport loaders are responsible for accurately documenting and tracking baggage and cargo using computerized systems or paper records. They may need to communicate with other airport personnel, such as airline staff or ground control, to coordinate loading and unloading activities and resolve any issues or discrepancies.
  6. Customer Service: While primarily focused on the physical tasks of baggage handling, airport loaders often interact with passengers and provide assistance when needed. They may answer basic inquiries, provide directions, or help with special requests, demonstrating a helpful and customer-friendly attitude.
  7. Adherence to Procedures: Airport loaders must follow established procedures and guidelines to ensure efficient operations and compliance with industry regulations. This includes adhering to weight and balance restrictions, hazardous materials handling protocols, and specific instructions from airline companies.
  8. Physical Demands: The job of an airport loader requires physical stamina and the ability to lift heavy objects repeatedly. They must be capable of working in various weather conditions and be prepared for physically demanding tasks, including bending, stooping, and working in confined spaces.

Overall, an airport loader plays a vital role in the smooth and efficient operation of an airport. They contribute to passenger satisfaction by ensuring that baggage and cargo are handled safely and correctly, while also maintaining a focus on safety, security, and excellent customer service.

How To Apply:


Head Office: Office No 19, 2Cnd Floor, 10 Yeries Tower, Marium Hall, Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi.

Contact No: 051-4575337/0336-9941777/0342-0002679

Branch Office: 206 Huma Block, Kali Kothi Stop,Alama Iqbal Town Lahore.

Contact No: 0306-4646662/0337-4646652/0346-4646652/042-37807011

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